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159 Marcia Reminisces


In our first new episode in sometime, we get the three of us together along with actress and Theatre Geek Marcia Fulmer’s daughter Deirdre Lovejoy to talk about Marcia’s years in and around the theatre, newspapers and our shared experiences in community theatre (Elkhart Civic Theatre) over many years.

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What’s up with those festival adjudicators? Episode 158


Happy New Year!  As we gear up for some new episodes in 2017, Dave is clearing out some of our backlog of episodes that have been left unedited and saved “for a rainy day.”  So here’s another one of these, on the pros and cons of adjudicators.  If you’ve ever been to a theatre festival, you’ve probably had some of the same observations we’ve had. Some judges are helpful, others not so much.  The Geeks explore this fully in an episode following the 2017 cycle of AACT festivals.

PS: If YOU are an adjudicator and would like to join us for an episode to discuss the tough job of being objective in a theatre festival, give us a shout using our contact form.

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157: What do you do about those “problem” patrons?


Patrons who make noise, patrons who unwrap loud candy and even patrons who stink.  What to do??

This episode was recorded some time ago, and has been in the can for a while.  After a couple of years of spotty posting, we’re going to re-boot the podcast in 2018 and hope to bring you more episodes on a more regular basis.

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