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Apple introduces new Podcasts App for IOS devices, as rumored

Apple has introduced its own free-standing podcast catcher (“podcatcher”) app for IOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).  Called simply “Podcasts,” it works from the IOS device and doesn’t depend on syncing with your computer-based iTunes program.  This makes listening to Theatre Geeks easier than ever. There are a few features that aren’t there, but will probably be added soon (like the ability to rate podcasts), but it’s sleek,includes some featured “channels” and is pretty intuitive.  Podcasters are cheering this mve from Apple because it will help make podcasts easier than ever to find, download and subscribe to.  Check it out, and don’t miss another episode of Theatre Geeks, ever!

Get Podcasts from the App Store — it’s free. Here are a couple of screenshots.