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Build your theatre's audience involvement with video

With video becoming ever-easier to produce, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be part of every community theatre’s kit of promotional tools.  Even semi-casual videos this one, produced for Elkhart Civic Theatre’s upcoming production of Beau Jest, can be of interest to your audience.  Casual “backstage” video lets your audience (and potential audience) get to know your troupe in a way it doesn’t usually get a chance to experience.

Videos can be shot with very inexpensive equipment, edited (or not) and uploaded to a host such as YouTube almost immediately.  Then, with a little strategic tweeting, blogging and Facebooking, the video has an audience. Initially this includes your core participants and audience members, but because YouTube leaves videos up ostensibly forever, your video is a gift that keeps on giving, in terms of additional audience.

A couple years ago, I uploaded a time-lapse video of one of our home theatre’s set strikes — condensing a couple hours down to less than ten minutes.  The audience response was pretty big, and because the video is interesting to watch even if you’re not part of the theatre, and it still gets significant viewership.  That means more people are exposed to Elkhart Civic Theatre who might not have been otherwise.

This video was shot with a Kodak Zi8 and then edited in Cyberlink  PowerDirector 8.