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Nominate Theatre Geeks for the Podcast Awards (please)

Nominate us in only ONE category. Nominating in several categories gets your nomination form tossed out.

It’s time again for the Podcast Awards, and we’d love it if you’d nominate Theatre Geeks in the Cultural/Arts category. If we get enough nominations to end up on the final ballot, it means we can get exposed to literally hundreds of thousands of people voting. This is a case where being nominated is almost more valuable than winning.

The nominating form is here at  

If  you listen to other podcasts in other categories and wish to nominate them as well, have the information for them ready, because you can only submit the nominating form ONCE.  The video by Todd Cochrane at the top of the nominations page will give you more information on the awards and the nominating procedure.

The picture at right shows the Cultural/Arts category filled out for Theatre Geeks.  DON’T nominate us in more than one category UNLESS it’s “Peoples’ Choice” in addition to Cultural/Arts. That’s the limit.  If you nominate us in more than one program category, your form will be disqualified, so don’t waste your nominations. 

Nominations close on September 30.  After that, we’ll have information on voting.

Thanks for your help, and please keep listening to Theatre Geeks.