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RSS Feed Subscribers: Theatre Geeks dropping Feedburner July 1

Feedburner no longer great and no longer needed

Many of you probably have no idea what Feedburner is, but it’s been part of Theatre Geeks for a long time.  You just couldn’t see it.

An explanation: since we started Theatre Geeks, the podcast has been driven by Google’s Feedburner service.  Feedburner is useful for creating the RSS Feed, which makes it possible for you to subscribe to the podcast with iTunes and other podcatchers.  Without the feed, there is no podcast, in essence.  Feedburner also offered us some helpful statistics to tell us how many of you are listening, how you’re listening, what countries are listening, and other info.

RSS Feed SymbolBut as podcasting technology and platforms have matured, Feedburner has become outdated, unreliable, and we really don’t need it anymore.  On top of that, Google has shown no interest in making Feedburner better.  When Google discontinued Google Reader, many podcasters determined that Google is likely to shut off Feedburner as well — possibly very soon.  Some podcasters, including us, have decided to take control before that happens, so we have decided to stop using the Feedburner service as of July 1, 2013.

The good news is, depending upon how you subscribe, this will probably not affect you.  For many, the switchover will be pretty transparent.  However, if you’re using an RSS reader or a podcatcher that requires you to manually input the feed, it may cause a hiccup.  iTunes users and users of the iPhone/iPad “Podcast” app are unlikely to see any difference.  If you listen to us on the website, or at BluBrry’s site, it will make no difference to you at all.  But if your podcatcher stops updating episodes after July 1, you’ll want to check  your settings.  So . . . .

If  you need it, the new feed URL is :

This feed works already, even though we won’t switch off the Feedburner feed until July 1, to give you time to complete the switch at your end, if necessary.   Drop Dave a note at if you have any questions.