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Stevens Puppets — “Theatre in the Little”


The legacy of puppetry innovator Martin Stevens lives on in Northern Indiana (and around the world)


Bob Walls, Dave, and Martin Stevens' Cowardly Lion, built in 1966 and still performing.

Bob Walls, Dave, and Martin Stevens’ Cowardly Lion, built in 1966 and still performing.

To the Geeks and many others in Northern Indiana who knew him, Martin Stevens was something of a one-man phenomenon.  He was a brilliant artist, performer, storyteller and teacher, but it is his puppets for which he is best known.  His company of wooden actors, known collectively as Stevens Puppets, began in 1933 and has now outlived him by over 30 years continuing to amaze audiences all over the US and Canada, as well as internationally. Stevens Puppets is now owned by Dan Raynor, and is located in Bristol, Indiana, not far from our home theatre, the Bristol Opera House.  Currently the company tours six of Martin’s original shows (with the original puppets.)

Stevens Puppets owner and puppeteer, Dan Raynor.

Stevens Puppets owner and puppeteer, Dan Raynor.

Bob Walls, a fellow community theatre actor who has taken up the strings professionally with Stevens Puppets, joins us this episode, telling us a bit about the art and craft of puppetry, what it’s like as an actor who performs “in the little,” and more about the Stevens Puppets legacy. Join us in a fascinating conversation about puppets and puppetry.

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Thanks to Mel Moore for his great photos of the event.
Additional thanks to Band Wagon Video and Joe Pawlosky for video recording.

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