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Theatre Geeks goes weekly

Send us your episode ideas!

Send us your ideas!Theatre Geeks is getting set to distribute episodes on a weekly, rather than bi-weekly basis.  This is kind of a “beta” test, to see if it’s something we can really cope with (we actually have lives outside podcasting, you know), but we think it’s possible and something you will like.

By doubling our episode output, we also hope to build an even larger audience and maybe develop some additional opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.  But it also puts more pressure on us to create compelling content for you.

You often hear us request ideas for episodes at the end of many episodes.  Well, we really mean it!  We can’t comply with every idea, but some of our best shows have started with an e-mail from a listener, so it’s important that we hear from you.  In addition, tell us about any shows you didn’t particularly like, and why.  We love constructive criticism along with suggestions for ways to do better.

Send us feedback using our feedback form, or e-mail, or