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Deirdre Lovejoy stops by for a cup o’ Joe

Deirdre Lovejoy enjoying some o’ that good ol’ Opera House java.

Deirdre Lovejoy will be part of our 100th Episode coming September 29!

Deirdre Lovejoy joined the Geeks today for a couple episodes. She and Mom (Marcia) are heading for the Jersey shore later today. Dede joined us for our 100th episode to talk about her experiences in the cast of “Lucky Guy” as well as her new one woman play. Episode 100 (WOO HOO!!) arrives on the web about September 30, so don’t miss it. In the meantime, check out Dede’s blog at

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Apple introduces new Podcasts App for IOS devices, as rumored

Apple has introduced its own free-standing podcast catcher (“podcatcher”) app for IOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). Called simply “Podcasts,” it works from the IOS device and doesn’t depend on syncing with your computer-based iTunes program. This makes listening to Theatre Geeks easier than ever. There are a few features that aren’t there, but will probably be added soon (like the ability to rate podcasts), but it’s sleek,includes some featured “channels” and is pretty intuitive. Podcasters are cheering this mve from Apple because it will help make podcasts easier than ever to find, download and subscribe to. Check it out, . . . → Read More: Apple introduces new Podcasts App for IOS devices, as rumored

More info on AACT’s NYC Convention

The Workshops will WOW You! now posted online

Register Now! early bird rate expires this week!

Experience Great Theatre, Great Times, Great Friends, in a Great City!

July 12-15, 2012 Millennium Broadway Hotel in the heart of the Theatre DistrictLook at these other WOW features:

Celebrity Reception with playwright Ken Ludwig NYC resources-based workshops and tours: actors panel, royalty house reps, hat-making studio, more! War Horse, the 2011 Tony Award winning play is now available for 100 convention registrants! Also get your ticket to the hottest show on Broadway, The Book of Mormon! (Only a few tickets left.) Theatrical vendor . . . → Read More: More info on AACT’s NYC Convention