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Be a Guest Geek!

Theatre Geeks is always interested in having guests join our panel either in person or via Skype (or phone) to talk about topics of interest to the community theatre and performing arts community.

If you or your theatre group is doing something innovative and/or interesting in the performing arts, and you’d like to share it with our audience, send Dave a note via the contact form below, or send a tweet via Twitter to @theatregeeks.  A brief description of your topic is all we need to get started.

We won’t be interested in the fact that you have a show opening soon or that you’re starting your new season, etc.  We ALL do that, right?  We’re looking for unique stories and spokespersons who can talk intelligently for about 20 minutes in our podcast.  (PS: You WILL get a chance to plug your theatre, but that’s not the main focus.)  Let’s hear from you!

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