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Theatre Geeks

Geeks Live 2010

Theatre Geeks celebrated its first anniversary with a live webcast / recording session at the Daily Grind in Elkhart.  Thanks to all who helped us out.

We would like to thank:

  • The Daily Grind — for letting us use the room, and bringing us great coffee and great food for the morning.
  • Kristin Schwerha-Scott — for being our guest in two of the episodes we recorded
  • Rick Ellis, likewise, for sitting in on three episodes.
  • Penny Meyers, for jumping and talking about community theatre with us
  • Paige Dufour, for keeping an eye on the webcam and the chatroom for us.
  • Demarée Dufour-Noneman, for helping Paige, taking pictures (to come) and bringing the most gorgeous grandchild in the world along with her.
  • All those who showed up live and online to help make the show(s) a success.  Thanks for putting up with out technical glitches as well.  It was fun anyway!

Dave’s daughter Demarée took dozens of pictures. Here are just a few (click on thumbnails to see larger images).