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155 – Speak up and don’t talk with your mouth full! Enunciation and diction on stage.


The Geeks return to the issue of enunciation and diction in community theatre productions, how to deal with actors that just don’t get it, and why it’s so important.

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154 – Interview with a college intern for a community theatre


In this episode, the Geeks chat with Bronson Bontrager, Elkhart Civic Theatre’s college intern for the spring 2017 semester.  We discuss the benefits of internships, for both the theatre and the student.


153 Return episode: Old or New? What sells best?


We are  finally back on the pod.  After a lengthy absence John, Dave and Marcia are recording episodes again.  More will be coming your way, as there are several in the can and we have plans for more in the near future.

In this episode we discuss a problem that plagues most of our theatres: do we do the old familiar shows, or risk something new that audiences are less familiar with?  It’s hard because many audience members don’t like the idea of going to something that is outside their experience.  We all know people who love seeing a classic any number of times, but don’t go for what’s mainstream today.  But we also hear from people who DON’T want to see another production of Fiddler in the South Pacific near Oklahoma!  Decisions, decisions.  Maybe we can help, or at least add our insight to the perennial problem.