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100 Deirdre Lovejoy talks about Lucky Guy, Tom Hanks, her new one-woman play and more!


It’s our 100th episode and Lucky Us! Deirdre Lovejoy joins the Geeks!

100th Episode GraphicDeirdre Lovejoy joins Theatre Geeks’ 100th episode to talk about her Lucky Guy experience, her new one-woman show, Broadway and more.  Dede (as we know her) was in the cast of Lucky Guy with: Tom Hanks, Courtney B. Vance, Peter Scolari, Maura Tierney et al.  Deirdre, who was once a player at the Geeks’ home theatre, certainly considers Lucky Guy  a career high point, one which she chronicled in her Lucky Girl blog.  Over the course of the run, she posted lots of pictures, many of which, including the one at right, were pretty amusing.  They also documented an astonishing parade of top-names in show business who came to see Lucky Guy during its limited run.

Check out Lucky Guy’s Instagram photos here.

Deirdre Lovejoy (right) with Carol Burnett and that Tom Hanks guy.

Deirdre Lovejoy (right) with Carol Burnett and that Tom Hanks guy.

Deirdre has also written a one-woman showBird Elephant China: Things I remembered when I forgot myself.   The show recounts her experiences during a period when she couldn’t work due to some severe seizures she was experiencing (now cleared up).  Recently, Deirdre presented the show at the Bratton Theatre for the Chautauqua Theater Company.  W’ll be hearing more about her travels with this very personal work in the future.

Thanks to all of our listeners on our 100th episode

This episode of Theatre Geeks is our 100th.  When we started this enterprise in the fall of 2009, we weren’t sure how long it would last.  Now, heading into our fifth year as a weekly podcast, we’re grateful to those of you who listen to our conversation and commentary on the wonderful world of community theatre.  Keep listening, and send us YOUR thoughts about possible future topics, questions for the Geeks, criticisms and/or kudos.  We love to hear from you!

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