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114 Does the weather put your community theatre in the deep freeze?


Snowed in? Snowed out?  How does your community theatre deal with serious winter weather?

Dave in front of our theatre this winter

Dave in front of our theatre earlier this winter, when snow threatened our production of Almost, Maine.

The Geeks know first-hand about how winter can disrupt rehearals and even keep patrons away.  Recorded live at Evan’s Sidewalk Cafe, we offer a few things to think about when weather gets in your theatre’s way.

  1. First of all, follow the law. When law enforcement says stay off the roads, don’t schedule rehearsals that put your cast and crew in danger.
  2. Get serious with your cast — let them know that if you’ve already missed rehearsals, it’s important to get back on track.
  3. Carpool so those with less than ideal vehicles can get to rehearsals safely.
  4. Consider adding rehearsals to make up for lost time heading up to dress rehearsals
  5. Consider extending rehearsals — starting early, going longer, etc.

Mother Nature doesn’t really care about your show or rehearsal schedule — how do YOU deal with her? Let us know your tips via our contact form!

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