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121 Know what you’re getting into or stay home


In another audience etiquette episodes, the Geeks talk about audience members who don’t do their “homework” when it comes to knowing what kind of show they’re going to see, being prepared for possible “mature” content and not being taken by “surprise” that leads to indignation.  We’ve been around long enough to know that there probably isn’t a show out there that won’t offend someone at some time, but often as not, the offended party has only himself to blame.  Most theatres will note in their promotions if a particular show deals with adult themes, is inappropriate for children, or contains “language” (well, of course it contains language, but you know what we mean.)

Another issue is the audience member who comes to the theatre knowing he or she has a health issue or other problem that could crop up during the performance, and then is annoyed with the theatre for not dealing with it adequately, or feels the need to share the problem with the entire audience.

Both of these issues come under the heading of “you should know what you’re getting into and plan ahead.”  And if you can’t, stay home.

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