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124 Stratford Festival Reviews creator Keith Tomasek


Keith Tomasek talks about,
the “Rotten Tomatoes” of the Stratford Festival

Keith TomasekVisitors to the Stratford Festival have a friend in Keith Tomasek.  Keith is the creator, editor and curator of Stratford Festival Reviews (, a website that aggregates reviews of all the productions at this outstanding institution in Stratford Ontario.  Visitors to the website (who accumulate around 1300 page views per day) are able to see what critics across Canada and US have to say about the current season’s productions, get a better understanding of the plays themselves, enjoy professional theatre analyses (which don’t always agree with each other), and make better informed decisions about which shows they’d like to see.

Keith Tomasek I grew up in Mon­treal where he stud­ied the­atre, later moving to Win­nipeg and Toronto where he wrote and pro­duced award win­ning films, tele­vi­sion and radio.  In addition to managing his websites, he lec­tures at the Uni­ver­sity of West­ern Ontario and recently mod­er­ated an event on cam­pus with Jian Ghome­shi from the CBC Radio pro­gram Q.  He teaches courses and does research in the field of social media.

In addition to Stratford Festival Reviews, Keith also edits and curates Shaw Festival Reviews at and produces The Inadequate Life, (, a podcast focusing on interesting people who make their livings in the arts.

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