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125 Making your opening night more exciting (and profitable)


Sold Out Run‘s Clay Mabbitt gives the Geeks, and YOU, some great tips for community theatre success.

Clay Mabbitt of the Sold Out Run Podcast

Clay Mabbitt of the Sold Out Run Podcast

It’s not often we get to speak with fellow podcasters, but here, for the second show in a row, we’re talking to someone who produces a podcast related to the performing arts.  Clay Mabbitt, of nearby Indianapolis, produces the Sold Out Run podcast, which focuses primarily on the marketing of performing arts, including theatre and musical events.

In this episode, , he gives the Geeks his ideas on making that opening night a sold-out event.  In the Geeks’ experience, the public often waits to read reviews and gauge the word-of-mouth on a particular production before actually plunking down the price of admission.  Often this doesn’t happen until the run is under way (for our theatre, it means the second weekend.)  So the theatre loses revenue during the early performances.

Adding excitement to opening night is one way to boost attendance and get the word of mouth going before the first performance. Clay has some great “road tested” insights and great tips for promoting your opening.  AND, he can sing the Theatre Geeks theme music!


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