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128 Stratford Festival 2014 Preview


Stratford Festival’s publicity director Ann Swerdfager joins the Geeks

Hay Fever at the Stratford Festival 2014

Stratford Festival’s production of Hay Fever is just one of the wonderful productions this year.

We’ve mentioned the Stratford Festival plenty of times on Theatre Geeks, but it certainly bears repeating that Ontario’s longtime Shakespeare (and a whole lotta other theatre) festival is one of the theatrical gems of North America.  Just a hop and a skip from the USA midwest, and a pleasant drive from either Detroit/Windsor or Niagara Falls, it’s worth everyone’s time.

Ann Swerdfager grew up with the Stratford Festival, and after several years in the “outside” world, returned to her roots in this small town with a great idea that grew in the middle Ontario.  She shares a bit of her story of growing up in this rarefied air, and gives us a preview of this year’s Stratford Festival.


Stratford Festival is at :

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