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25: Plays every community theatre should produce


The Geeks present their picks for community theatre “must do” plays and musicals.  Classics, contemporary shows, comedies, tragedies, reviews;  they’re all candidates, but which will be blessed by the Geeks?  Guest Geek Rick Ellis joins us in this episode, the first of three taped live in October at Elkhart’s Daily Grind, with a real live audience.

Music for this episode was provided by Music Alley.

Ambience by the Daily Grind, 113 East Lexington Ave., Elkhart.  Thanks to Tanya and her crew for the best coffee on the planet.

Thanks also to Dave’s daughters Paige Dufour (technical assistance as chatroom monitor and webcam operator) and Demarée Dufour-Noneman (photography).  Also thanks to Elkhart Civic Theatre and Mark Potuck, for loaning us some audio equipment.

Special thanks to those who showed up to sip coffee and enjoy the shows.