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34: Interview with cast of New World Arts’ “The Pillow Man”


Matthew Bell as Katurian in "The Pillow Man"

Matthew Bell as Katurian in "The Pillow Man"

In this episode Dave interviews the cast of one of two productions of Martin McDonagh’s The Pillow Man at the Indiana Community Theatre League Festival in Kokomo, Indiana March 25, 26 and 27.

The cast, director and production staff shared their vision and approach to this dark play that takes place in an unnamed police state.  Deep in meaning, containing black comedic elements and geniune horror, The Pillow Man is a unique theatre experience, well suited to “black box” productions.  Both excerpts were well-done, with minimal set but with somewhat different cuttings.  It was interesting to see the differences as well as similarities.

New World Arts is a community arts organization in Goshen, Indiana

The cast and crew of the Pillow Man at Kokomo included:

Arial Derek Bontreger
Tupolski Brian Kozlowski
Katurian Matthew Bell
Michael Darryl Gillikin
Girl Estella Bordon
Director Laura Gouin
Stage Manager, Special Effects Jeremy Unruh
Assistant Stage Manager, Costume Designer Libby Unruh
Sound Designer Bryan Lewis
Stage Designer Alex Dugger
Makeup/Props Designer Angie Troyer
Sign Language Coach Stephanie Honderich

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