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49 Deirdre Lovejoy and our theatre game show!


Deirdre (Dede) Lovejoy, Dave Dufour, John Shoup, Rick Ellis and Kevin Egelsky at the Bristol Opera House.

Actress (and Marcia’s daughter) Deirdre Lovejoy joins us at the Bristol Opera House, Bristol, Indiana for a special series of three podcasts in front of a live audience of fellow Theatre Geeks.  In addition to catching up on Dede’s stage and screen activities, emcee Kevin Egelsky leads us through our radio gameshow, “I Know! I Know!”  Join the fun and see if  you can guess the answers before we do!

Special thanks to the following folks for making this event possible:

  • Kristin-Schwerha Scott
  • Kori Fortunato
  • Rick Ellis
  • Kevin Egelsky
  • Amy Pawlosky
  • Mark Potuck
  • … and Mel Moore for taking some great pix of the event.

Music provided by Music Alley