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77 How theatre can help autistic youth (Live audience show!)


Theatre teacher and actor Scot Purkeypile talks about his work with autistic youth.

John and Scot Purkeypile -- Photo by Mel Moore

John and Scot Purkeypile — Photo by Mel Moore

Scot Purkeypile joins the geeks in the first of three live episodes from the Bristol Opera House. Several years ago, along with his work at South Bend Civic Theatre, he began working with autistic youth, using theatre as a means of establishing connections and helping those with autism find new outlets for their often considerable talents.  Hear him talk about “the transformative power of theatre” for those with autism spectrum disorder.

Play along with our live audience!

We’re also playing our favorite game show, “I know, I know,” with theatre trivia and prizes for audience members.  Deirdre Lovejoy is also on hand (she’ll be talking about her upcoming play in NYC in our NEXT episode).

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