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Audience etiquette: another smackdown


The Geeks air some pet peeves about audience etiquette

Woman smacking someone.Every once in a while we just have to have another audience smackdown.  Whether we’re creating or attending theatre, we are very aware of those audience members who are rude, crude, illegal, out-of-order, loud, boorish and just plain annoying.   In this episode we talk about some of our most recent audience etiquette observations.

Some other audience etiquette references

Audience etiquette is not a new subject. Even Emily Post has a column about it,  And while adults ought to know how to act, many need a refresher. In this age of TV-you-can-talk-over we also think kids should be taught how to be a good audience member from an early age — but if the parents don’t know the rules, how can the kids?   The Contra Costa Children’s Chorus publishes this guide that appears to be aimed at parents who’ve never learned what it means to be an audience member. (Hint: the audience etiquette is different at a concert than it is at a Little League Game).   For the kids themselves, there’s this, but parents have to set the example (as always).

There’s even this little video from Ferris State University on the subject:

So, know the etiquette and avoid the smackdown!

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