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Bonus Year-end episode: Theatre Quality vs Theatre Quantity


Should  you trade theatre quality for theatre quantity (i.e., bums in the seats)?

Merry Christmas TreeAll community theatres crave the full house, but is it worth bending the standards occasionally to get it?  Do you do a less than par holiday show because you know you can get an audience?  Or the umpteenth revival of Fiddler because there are always those audience members who will dutifully show up for a classic, no matter how well it’s done?

The Geeks take on this dilemma, and although we probably don’t solve it, we have fun trying!

This is our last episode of 2013.  We’re taking some time off to regroup and refresh before picking it up again around January 5.  Why don’t  you do the same?  Have a very happy holiday season.  Thanks for listening!