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Colleen Williamson talks about her life entertaining on cruise ships


Community theatre was Colleen Williamson’s springboard to an exciting life performing on cruise ships.


Colleen Williamson

Colleen Williamson joins us for a fascinating talk about her life as a cruise ship actress, singer and entertainer, that started over 20 years ago.  Possessed of a great singing voice and natural acting ability, Colleen was urged by a friend to audition with a cruise ship line’s entertainment arm.  Today, she travels much of the year, to places most of us only dream about, and performs on the water in everything from musical comedies to her own cabaret act.

All three Geeks are old friends of Colleen, so the conversation is friendly, fun and we get up close and personal, finding out what life is like for an entertainer on the ocean.

Music provided by Music Alley.