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Second City Conservatory: A student’s view


Second City Conservatory student Carlie Barr talks about her work and study at the Chicago improv landmark

Carlie Barr

Carlie Barr

Second City is well-known as the launching pad for such talents as John Belushi, Joan Rivers, George Wendt, Tina Fey and many others.  But did you know there’s actually a school for improv there, where aspiring actors can learn the craft and hopefully, make it to the theatre’s Main Stage?

In this, the third of our 2013 live episodes at the Bristol Opera House, Second City Conservatory Student Carlie Barr gives us an inside look at the famous Chicago improv landmark, and what it’s like to study there.  She also pulls in a couple of our audience members to demonstrate “The Alphabet Game,”  one of the improv games Second City Conservatory students use to sharpen their acting and comedic skills.

This episode also includes our game show “I Know, I Know!” in which audience members (and the Geeks) test their theatrical trivia knowledge.

Thanks to Rick Ellis, our Quizmaster, and Kevin Egelsky, our emcee, as well as the enthusiastic audience that joined us for these episodes.

Also , thanks to Mel Moore for his photography, and Joe Pawlosky of Band Wagon Video for videotaping all three episodes (these will be online as soon as Dave can make that happen.)

Music provided my Music Alley.


All photos by Mel Moore.