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Build audience with special performances


Special performances can benefit your community theatre in ways other than income

The Geeks discuss their experience with special performances for corporate and other supporting groups, how they can build audience and provide a different experience for your actors.  There are certainly some pitfalls but in general, we think special performances are a good idea. (Notwithstanding Dave’s not-so-nice experience playing the villain in a melodrama during a special performance for a corporate group.)

Special Performances: Elkhart Civic Theatre (the Geeks home theatre) at a special performance of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

SPECIAL PERFORMANCES: Elkhart Civic Theatre (the Geeks home theatre) at a special performance of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Other angles include:

  • How to charge a group for a special
  • Avoiding misunderstandings with your cast
  • How specials can extend your run and bring new patrons into the theatre “fold.”
  • How knowing the group requesting the special helps avoid bad experiences.
  • Alcohol or no alcohol?
  • Special performances as fund-raisers for other not-for profit groups
  • Special performances as a way to say thanks to employees
  • Special performances as a private party (it’s not always that expensive, depending on the house).

Be sure to let us know what topics you would like us to cover in future episodes of Theatre Geeks.  Also, let us know if you or someone you know would make a good guest on a future episode.  Special projects, youth theatre, development, professional experiences, etc., are all possible topics for the panel.  Generally, we won’t want to devote shows to a particular production or a theatre’s season unless there is something truly unique.

You can contact us using our contact form or e-mail  Don’t hesitate to send Dave your press releases, too.

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