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Stand-up comedy and community theatre


Comic Dave Kempher shares his humor and his observations on stand-up comedy, improv and theatre

Dave Kempher

Dave Kempher

Dave Kempher is a long-time member of the Geeks’ home theatre group, but has also been honing his chops in stand-up comedy and improv for the the last decade.  Currently, Dave appears at open mike and other improv and standup events around the midwest region, and has appeared in New York and other cities as well.  Stand-up is a relatively new passion for him, however,

In 2010, Dave was recruited by a local stand up comedy group named The political Stag Party to help them with the improv portion of their show and while working with them was talked into doing actual stand-up. So in February of 2011 he did his first 3 minute set.

Dave Kempher and Improv TroupeSince then Dave has done stand-up in Michiana (Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan), Chicago, New York City, Lima, and even did a set for Laughfest in Grand Rapids as well as Sunday Night Funnies, a weekly stand up show, held at the Riverfront Hotel.

Dave will also be appearing in Chicago during the Christmas season at an event where he will do a stand-up set and then get interviewed Johnny Carson style.

Dave is currently appearing in multiple roles in Elkhart Civic Theatre‘s production of Spamalot.

Dave also appears on the Broken News Podcast, available on iTunes.

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