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In theatre production, it’s the little things that matter


Good theatre productions require an eye (or several) watching the “little stuff”.

Magnified-theatreYou’re attending a theatre production of Annie Get Your Gun (stay with us here), and you’re enjoying the production numbers but suddenly realize that one of the women is wearing shoes from today.  Or that a character’s dress really doesn’t fit very well.  or that the set has an unpainted detail that, once you notice it, pulls focus and takes us out of the moment. Or an onstage gun looks too much like plastic. making us start thinking about Super-Soakers and Mattel Toys.

These are the kinds of details that make the difference between a great show and one that’s not as effective or enjoyable for the audience.  unfortunately, they’re the kinds of things community theatre productions often miss (or worse) consciously ignore. We see them all the time.

Watching for details in a theatre production is generally the director’s job, but there’s always room for constructive help.  Directors have lots of things to think about and more eyes on the stage are always better.  But directors sometimes become so used to the little detail errors that they don’t think of them as problems, even when they’re pointed out.  Depending on the audience not to notice is usually a bad idea in these cases as well.

In this episode, the Geeks talk about details, why they matter, and how not to miss them (until you suddenly notice them on opening night.).


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