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Using Social Media to Promote Theatre


Social media tips from our first international guest !


Facebook, Twitter, Google + and the whole panoply of social media can be important tools for community theatre promotion, but using them effectively can be confusing.

Our new best friend, Bettina Horvath of Capetown, South Africa, dropped in via Skype to share some thoughts for making these powerful social media work for community theatre. Bettina is a social media consultant for small to medium sized businesses and is also an honest-to-God theatre geek herself, so she knows what she’s talking about ln both counts.

Bettina Horvath, Social Media Consultant

Bettina Horvath, Social Media Consultant

One major aspect of social media that many people don’t understand is that organizations can’t expect instant results. Social media are generally about building community and that takes time.  But each medium, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, has its own particular strengths and understanding these is critical for success.

Listen as the Geeks talk with Bettina Horvath about how techniques for social media in business have just as much validity for the performing arts.  And when  you’re done listening, download a copy of her free e-book for more tips and information. It contains a lot more great tips your community theatre can start putting to use right away.

PS: Bettina’s home theatre is the Playhouse at Somerset West, where she’s currently appearing as the lead in the South African Premier of the comedy: “Who did you say you were?” written & directed by Giles Scott.

Pictures from The Playhouse at Somerset West, Capetown, South Africa