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Wigs and beards: the pleasures (and horrors) of hair on stage


When it comes to wigs and beards, one-size doesn’t fit all

WigsWigs and beards (and other hairy add-ons) require a lot of care in their selection, use, styling, and maintenance, and this week, the Geeks explore their use on stage.

Most community theatres have had the experience of an actor or actress who needs a wig for a particular role, but plainly doesn’t look good in it.  There are several possible reasons for this:

  1. Fit (we’ve all seen the poor actor with a wig that looks more like a wild animal crawling on his/her head than a well trained hairpiece).
  2. Color — either the color doesn’t appear natural, or clashes with the actor’s makeup or natural skin coloring
  3. Style — sometimes a wig is styled badly, or has been restyled and doesn’t quite conform to the new look.  The style may simply be wrong for the play, too.

The Geeks also talk about he use of beards (always tricky, it seems), and moustaches.  It’s all HAIR in this episode of Theatre Geeks.

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