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159 Marcia Reminisces

In our first new episode in sometime, we get the three of us together along with actress and Theatre Geek Marcia Fulmer’s daughter Deirdre Lovejoy to talk about Marcia’s years in and around the theatre, newspapers and our shared experiences in community theatre (Elkhart Civic Theatre) over many years.

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Building Community Support for Community Theatre

Community support isn’t always about the dollars — ideas from an expert

Community theatres are nothing without community support, but getting it can be difficult. Keith Martin, John M. Blackburn Distinguished Professor of Theatre at Appalachia State University has been helping performing arts organizations get community support of all kinds for more than 35 years. He joins the Geeks to talk about cultivating corporations and individuals for stronger monetary and in-kind support for community theatre, regardless of community size. Great ideas and examples of where, . . . → Read More: Building Community Support for Community Theatre

Thanks for Supporting Theatre Geeks in the Podcast Awards

Theatre Geeks did not win in the arts and culture category of the Peoples Choice Podcast Awards. However, it was certainly fun being nominated and actually getting on the ballot. Since hitting the ballot, we experienced an increase in website visits and subscribers to the podcast itself. So overall, it has been positive for our little show.

Thanks to all of you who nominated and voted for Theatre Geeks. Keep listening!