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129 Directors — should they be smooth or sharp?

What kind of director are you? What kind of director is best?

Directors come in all styles — from overly easygoing (REAL smooth) or difficult bordering on abusive (REAL sharp). Where’s the sweet spot on the contiuum? The Geeks discuss.


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In theatre production, it’s the little things that matter

Good theatre productions require an eye (or several) watching the “little stuff”.

You’re attending a theatre production of Annie Get Your Gun (stay with us here), and you’re enjoying the production numbers but suddenly realize that one of the women is wearing shoes from today. Or that a character’s dress really doesn’t fit very well. or that the set has an unpainted detail that, once you notice it, pulls focus and takes us out of the moment. Or an onstage gun looks too much like plastic. making us . . . → Read More: In theatre production, it’s the little things that matter

39 Do you update a dated play?

Importance of Being Earnest Original Cast

Allan Aynesworth, Evelyn Millard, Irene Vanbrugh and George Alexander in the 1895 London premiere of The Importance of Being Earnest.

Discussion of if, when and how to update older material. Can you? Should you? It depends. John, Dave and Marcia put their collective brains to the problem. Send us YOUR thoughts.

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