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Building Community Support for Community Theatre

Community support isn’t always about the dollars — ideas from an expert

Community theatres are nothing without community support, but getting it can be difficult. Keith Martin, John M. Blackburn Distinguished Professor of Theatre at Appalachia State University has been helping performing arts organizations get community support of all kinds for more than 35 years. He joins the Geeks to talk about cultivating corporations and individuals for stronger monetary and in-kind support for community theatre, regardless of community size. Great ideas and examples of where, with a little . . . → Read More: Building Community Support for Community Theatre

27: Developing and caring for donors

Donors are the lifeblood of many not-for-profit organizations and community theatres are no exception. Join the Geeks, plus Rick Ellis and fund-raising/not-for-profit expert Kristin Schwerha-Scott as we discuss the development, care and feeding of your theatre’s donor base. Yes, even in an economic downturn, you CAN have effective fund-raising and development.

This is the third of our “anniversary” episodes recorded live at the Daily Grind in Elkhart, Indiana. Best coffee and atmosphere anywhere — thanks to Tanya and her crew.

Music provided by Music Alley.